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A Peek at the Real Neil Armstrong

13 Nov 2018, 20:19 UTC
A Peek at the Real Neil Armstrong
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“First Man” gave us a look at a side of Neil Armstrong we don’t see too often, focusing on the family side of his life over the science element, but even that only gave us a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes home and family life of the notoriously stoic first man on the Moon. Now, the brand new Armstrong-Engel Family Gallery has published personal, never-before-seen images of Neil and his family beginning in 1955 during his Edwards days gong all the way to 1969 and the Moon landing.
The gallery is the legacy of Neil Armstrong’s mother, Viola Armstrong, née Engel. Family legend has it that Viola researched the best types of film for different of cameras to make sure the prints would stand the test of time, bought a camera from a local shop in Neil’s hometown of Wapakoneta, and took the pictures that show us the real Neil.

Neil worked as a test pilot at Edwards AFB in the 1950s, flying, among others, the legendary X-15 rocket-powered plane. But not all his transportation was as futuristic. He had a collection of cars, none of which were in great working order, so resourceful engineer that he was he came ...

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