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The Martian Chronicles

Sols 2219-2221: Curiosity goes bump!

3 Nov 2018, 00:00 UTC
Sols 2219-2221: Curiosity goes bump!
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Yesterday Curiosity drove for the first time since sol 2166! Our intrepid explorer is truly back at it after a few weeks off due to the anomaly. The short drive (also called a bump) placed us in a workspace a few meters away from our previous location where we had attempted to drill (see image above that shows a MAHLI observation of the shallow drill hole).
In this weekend’s three-sol plan there will be several diagnostic activities that will help us to understand the anomaly. In addition to the diagnostics, the weekend plan includes ChemCam and Mastcam observations of ‘Dryden’ and ‘Kirkness,’ which are bedrock targets, and of ‘Housay,’ which is a vein within the bedrock. Also included is a Mastcam observation of ‘Eynhallow’ to document laminations within the bedrock, a MARDI image, and a Navcam dust devil survey.
There are ChemCam RMI Zenith Sky Flats scheduled on the first sol. In this activity ChemCam will take images looking up at the sky. This activity needs to happen near sunset because ChemCam should not look directly at the sun. These sky flats help us determine whether there is any dust contamination on ChemCam‘s optical window, which is important right now ...

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