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What's In the Sky - November 2018

1 Nov 2018, 21:14 UTC
What's In the Sky - November 2018
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Clear November night skies offer incredible celestial sights for stargazers to be thankful for, so bundle up and get outside for stargazing fun! Brought to you by Orion Telescopes and Binoculars.Taurids Meteor ShowerOn the night of November 5, the Taurids Meteor Shower will peak and with an early setting moon, there should be desirable dark skies for viewing. Look near the constellation Taurus, but be aware that meteors can appear anywhere in the sky.Radiant of the Leonid Meteor Shower - Illustration by Universe Today.Leonid Meteor ShowerBundle up and get outside after midnight on November 17th to see the peak of the Leonids meteor shower as "shooting stars" appear to radiate outwards from the constellation Leo. The waxing gibbous Moon will set shortly after midnight, so the best time for meteor-gazing will be in the wee hours of November 18th when the skies will be nice and dark.M45 - The Pleiades (the Seven Sisters) - Image by Insight Observatory.The PleiadesNovember is sometimes called "The month of the Pleiades," since the star cluster is visible all night long for observers in the Northern hemisphere. From a dark sky site, M45 is easy to see with the unaided eye and resembles a small ...

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