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What does it cost to own an airplane?

17 Sep 2018, 21:34 UTC
What does it cost to own an airplane?
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I have several friends who put their whole lives in spreadsheets. It makes me a little bit jealous because I generally don’t have the discipline for this. I think in generalities, not minute details. Plus it’s just not my style.
I’ve been building my airplane for the second year now and I get two questions most frequently:

When will it be done?
How much does it cost?

The other most frequently asked questions are around how I find the time and how safe are these things. Posts on that later…
The when will it be done is “when it’s done”. I’ll admit that when I started this project I was thinking “I’m going to bust this out in six months and get to flying.”
You have no idea how much you don’t know about airplanes and how you build them.
Also, I’m surprised by how enjoyable I’ve found the process of learning all of this stuff.
I could probably put my head down and just bust this thing out in six months. The instructions are good enough that if you just shut up and do what they say, in the end you’ll probably have an airplane.
But I’d be denying ...

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