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2049 Outfitters

4 Sep 2018, 00:13 UTC
2049 Outfitters
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In 2049, and the years leading up to it, what will be the opportunities we might consider the modern ‘Gold Rush’?
Looking around right now, there are some incredible convergences happening and whole industries evolving. There are ways to participate as well and we’ll explore that here and on the new site 2049Outfitters.com, hosted by Jeff Miller.
Here on Everyday Spacer, we’ve primarily been exploring the ways you can personally and directly participate in space exploration, science and astronomy. Over on 2049 Outfitters, we can expand on that to include things like ways to invest in some of these things, starting businesses (in any industry) and other things, not directly related to space exploration, science and astronomy!
Part of starting this was realizing that the ones who made the real money in the original ‘gold rush’ were the shop keepers who sold the tools to the miners. The ones who had the basics of life and helped keep the miners going with jeans, booze and tools. 2049 Outfitters may become your ‘outpost’ for this kind of thing as well. Stay tuned and learn with us how this might happen for the next generation of miners. Perhaps even real miners in ...

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