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Carnival of Space #573

3 Aug 2018, 20:34 UTC
Carnival of Space #573
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Dr. Pamela Gay inducted into 2018 Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame
For many years, bloggers exploring the vastness of space have delivered hundreds of articles and the best have been featured on the Carnival of Space.
Mars is 1000x Drier Than the Driest Places on Earth
Matt Williams | Universe Today
For generations, many have dreamed about the day when it would be possible to set foot on Mars – aka. “Earth’s Twin” planet. And in the past few years, multiple orbiters, landers and rovers have revealed evidence of past water on Mars, not to mention the possibility that water still exists underground. These findings have fueled the desire to send crewed missions to Mars, not to mention proposals to establish a colony there.
However, this enthusiasm may seem a little misguided when you consider all the challenges the Martian environment presents. In addition to it being very cold and subject to a lot of radiation, the surface of Mars today is also extremely dry. According to a new study led by researchers from NASA’s Ames Research Center, Martian soil is roughly…
Catch Comet C/2017 S3 PanSTARRS in Outburst
David Dickinson | Universe Today
Comets are one of those ...

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