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Celestial-Terrestrial Convergence

23 Aug 2018, 14:05 UTC
Celestial-Terrestrial Convergence
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For a while I thought my career and my personal life were fairly separate, but lately I’ve realized there’s more overlap than I thought. I have been interested in both photography and astronomy for most of my life. I ended up pursuing astronomy as a career, but never stopped taking pictures. And most recently I have been photographing the night sky more, especially as a background to dramatic landscapes in dark sites such as national parks. Much of my career has been spent producing images from Hubble Space Telescope data. There’s the obvious connection, that it’s all related to photography. I suppose one of the reasons I was originally drawn to astronomy as a career was that it was so intimately associated with photography. But lately I have been considering the possibility of deeper connections.
Familiar landscape photography can be described as “representational,” that is the image captures the reality of the scene in a more or less faithful representation. At first, images of deep space may appear to be abstract, with no easily recognizable subject. But with some understanding of the subject, the images transform and take on a greater depth. The photographs of deep space from Hubble and ...

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