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Does America Need a Space Force?

9 Aug 2018, 23:22 UTC
Does America Need a Space Force?
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Is this Trump’s vision of our nation’s future in space?
No. No it does not.
But that’s exactly what the Trump administration wants, and so today, August 9, 2018, America’s eerily stone-faced Vice President Mike Pence confirmed that there will indeed (pending Congress approval) be a new sixth branch of the U.S. military up and running by 2020, one dedicated to “restoring America’s leadership in space”… whatever that is supposed to mean.
To me it sounds more like a grand subtweet than an actual objective.
Either way, it’s unnecessary…not to mention expensive and potentially dangerous.
The idea of combat in space is horrifying. Fun sci-fi movies aside, the logistics of doing anything of purpose in orbit has its own set of physical rules that’s unlike anything on the ground, in the air, or in the sea. I suppose that’s the intention of creating a completely separate military division—to the tune of $8 billion over the next five years—but then again once it exists it will only be a certain amount of time before a use is found for it…found, or created.
Yes, the U.S. has property in space. It has interests in space. Many countries do. Some of those countries ...

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