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Sean Carroll

Mindscape Podcast

26 Jul 2018, 16:15 UTC
Mindscape Podcast
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For anyone who hasn’t been following along on other social media, the big news is that I’ve started a podcast, called Mindscape. It’s still young, but early returns are promising!
I won’t be posting each new episode here; the podcast has a “blog” of its own, and episodes and associated show notes will be published there. You can subscribe by RSS as usual, or there is also an email list you can sign up for. For podcast aficionados, Mindscape should be available wherever finer podcasts are served, including iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, and so on.
As explained at the welcome post, the format will be fairly conventional: me talking to smart people about interesting ideas. It won’t be all, or even primarily, about physics; much of my personal motivation is to get the opportunity to talk about all sorts of other interesting things. I’m expecting there will be occasional solo episodes that just have me rambling on about one thing or another.
We’ve already had a bunch of cool guests, check these out:

Social psychologist Carol Tavris
Theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli
Historian/activist Alice Dreger
Atheist theology professor Anthony Pinn
Complexity theorist Geoffrey West
Professional poker player Liv Boeree

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