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The Rivers of Progress

3 Dec 2017, 11:35 UTC
The Rivers of Progress
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Most if not all people disagreed with my thoughts on bringing in various technologies in the last few posts about the architecture Doug Plata is laying out at spacedevelopment.org. On many blogs, and especially with many of the commenters on those blogs, I could dismiss their concerns almost out of hand and be right most of the time. On this blog, and with the known high quality of the majority of the commenters disagreeing with me, there is necessarily something else going on. Obviously I could be wrong with them pointing it out. Or there could be misunderstanding as I am not a professional writer that is crystal clear in laying out my ideas.
There is another possibility that came up in the email exchanges with Doug. How many of the disagreements spring from variations in the ideological base of the individuals involved. Life experiences and historical knowledge of space development does not resolve our differences. It can explain some of them so that we can move forward in developing ideas and eventually hardware.
Our viewpoints on space development could be viewed in the way a river develops. Most rivers in the eastern US grow on their way to the ...

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