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Selenian Boondocks

Repost of an Idea

18 Mar 2018, 14:22 UTC
Repost of an Idea
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Some years ago I did a post on using Lunar fuel to raise a sub-orbital vehicle to Earth orbit. One of the comments by sjv linked to a similar concept that had been done several years earlier but much more professionally by a far more qualified person. The recent FH flight and the more Lunar focused interest at this time makes the idea more relevant than 10 years ago when I blogged it or 14 year ago when Dr. Walthelm published his work.
What makes it more relevant is the possibility of orbiting a hundred tons with one reusable F9, three hundred with one reusable FH, and both without expending an upper stage. The Blue Origin offerings won’t be far behind if the capability comes to pass. BFR payloads to the four digits. The expendable industry could be mostly extinct in a decade or so except for niche one offs. If there is any compelling reason to get tens of thousands of tons into Earth orbit, this could create an early profitable Lunar export.
This is the link to Dr. Walthelms concept. http://www.walthelm.net/inverted-aerobraking/main.htm
This is my original post. https://selenianboondocks.com/2008/11/earth-launch-with-lunar-fuel/ Comments are better than the post.
If I got the link ...

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