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What’s in the sky this July

4 Jul 2018, 11:03 UTC
What’s in the sky this July
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This July will be a very astronomically eventful month – full of eclipses, bright planets, meteor showers and bright satellite passes. If the weather permits, we will have the opportunity to witness a lot of interesting events in the night sky.
The Solar System
All five bright planets will be visible in the evenings/mornings of July. On 12th July Mercury will be at its Greatest Eastern Elongation.
Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. This is why for observers here on Earth, Mercury never strays far from the Sun. This makes the planet very hard to spot low in the evening sky or in the minutes before sunrise. For the month of July 2018 it will be visible close to the North-West horizon in the minutes after sunset. This month Mercury will reach its Greatest Eastern Elongation of 26.4 degrees from the Sun. This means that Mercury will be at its furthest point from the Sun as seen on our evening sky. The small planet will be visible in the low North-West horizon and will set at 22:50pm or about 1 hour after sunset. If you want to observe it, find a place with clear North-West horizon and look ...

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