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Jupiter Events for the Month of July

3 Jul 2018, 00:32 UTC
Jupiter Events for the Month of July
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Jupiter still rules the night sky in my humble opinion, but it is getting lower and lower so get out and observe while you still can! Below are all the events, such as Great Red Spot Transits and Shadow Transits for the entire month of July. Adjust for your own time zone, as below are for Central Time Zone.Events for Central Time Zone (USA). All events are captured from SkyTools 3 Professional. For more information on this planning software, visit www.skyhound.com.2018 Jul 2 18:13 GRS Transit, First Visible, Alt=35°, 0% Dark2018 Jul 2 19:44 GRS Transit, Mid-transit, Alt=39°, 59% Dark2018 Jul 2 21:15 GRS Transit, Last Visible, Alt=35°, 94% Dark2018 Jul 3 14:04 GRS Transit, First Visible, Alt=-4°, 0% Dark2018 Jul 3 15:35 GRS Transit, Mid-transit, Alt=13°, 0% Dark2018 Jul 3 17:06 GRS Transit, Last Visible, Alt=27°, 0% Dark2018 Jul 3 00:00 GRS Transit, First Visible, Alt=11°, 79% Dark2018 Jul 4 01:31 GRS Transit, Mid-transit, Alt=-7°, 84% Dark2018 Jul 4 03:02 GRS Transit, Last Visible, Alt=-25°, 84% Dark2018 Jul 4 19:51 GRS Transit, First Visible, Alt=39°, 67% Dark2018 Jul 4 21:22 GRS Transit, Mid-transit, Alt=34°, 94% Dark2018 Jul 4 22:53 GRS Transit, Last Visible, Alt=21°, 92% Dark2018 Jul 5 15:43 ...

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