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Oshkosh From a Newb’s Eye View

11 May 2018, 12:22 UTC
Oshkosh From a Newb’s Eye View
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I have been to AirVenture in Oshkosh one whole times- which makes me a veteran and an expert, so get ready for some super helpful advice, everybody! (HAHAHA)
If you’ve never been to Oshkosh, and like myself are the wife (or husband) of a plane nerd aeronautics aficionado and have been wrangled into joining said spouse on a week long trip to LITERALLY DISNEY WORLD FOR AIRPLANE NERDS a lovely little town in east-central Wisconsin and would like to get an idea of what type of trip you’re in for and plan accordingly- well there are probably a whole bunch more helpful sites out there on the interwebs with that information. BUT! They won’t be nearly as fun and action packed as this one, so YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!
By the way, for you regular readers out there- Hi! Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Julie, Michael’s wife, and I’ve hijacked his site. Shhh. Don’t say anything and maybe he won’t notice.

First off, let me explain a few things about me. I love camping, and I love sleeping outside. I know that not everyone feels like I do, and if that’s you, you’ll be happy to know ...

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