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Why I’m Marching for Science

5 Mar 2017, 03:28 UTC
Why I’m Marching for Science
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I am organizing a March for Science in Trenton, this April 22. I hope that you’ll join me there, or join one of the many other marches happening that day, around the world. As someone organizing a march, I feel it necessary to explain why I am marching: why I feel it necessary to stand up and defend science.A March for Science is sort of unprecedented. Science, as it is practiced in the modern world, doesn’t really go in big for public displays. Science is seen — at least in what we are told is the popular consensus — as something other, something outside what most people care about, something that does not affect the day-to-day life of Americans, and something that does not and should not impinge on the political decisions about how the country is run. The mere thought of a popular groundswell of support for a March for Science seems crazy: science is something done by other people, and should stay in it’s corner, right?Of course, the idea that science is divorced from the rest of society is nonsense. Modern life, modern technology, and the modern viewpoint depends on scientific advances. From the Green Revolution that saved ...

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