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Paper Explainer: An Update on the LHC Monojet Excess

15 Dec 2017, 01:19 UTC
Paper Explainer: An Update on the LHC Monojet Excess
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A few months ago, I wrote a paper with some of my fellow physicists at Rutgers: a graduate student Pouya Asadi, postdocs Anthony DiFranzo and Angelo Monteux (now a postdoc at UC Irvine), and fellow professor David Shih. We had developed a new technique to sift through data from the two general purpose LHC experiments (ATLAS and CMS) to look for anomalies that could be the sign of new physics. While that paper was primarily about the data-mining technique in general, we also identified one possible excess that had escaped previous detection. We dubbed this the “mono-jet excess” since it was mainly found in LHC events with one jet of energy and significant amounts of missing momentum (characteristic of an energetic particle that doesn’t register in the LHC detectors).That excess we had found both in CMS and ATLAS data, with greater statistical significance in the CMS results than ATLAS. We were interested in keeping an eye on the anomalous result, and so when ATLAS published a new search, which used the same data as previously, but with different selection criteria, we looked to see if the anomaly was still there. It was, and so we wrote a short letter discussing ...

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