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Carnival of Space #555

30 Mar 2018, 19:44 UTC
Carnival of Space #555
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Stunning, eh? The Earth, the sky, space. It’s all amazing and wonderful, especially when you keep learning new things about everything around you. One of the best ways to get into all of this is the Carnival of Space. Over 100 space bloggers keep the torch alive by hosting, sharing and then, they pass it along.
Here’s what’s happening this week, hosted by Pam Hoffman at Everyday Spacer.
Trappist-1 Model: Lights, Music and Science
TRAPPIST-1 is a planetary system, located 39 light years away from the Solar system, within the constellation of Aquarius. The parent star is an ultra-cool red dwarf star only slightly larger than Jupiter, and there are at least seven planets in orbit. Planets have sizes and masses comparable to the Earth and Venus.
Trappist-1 Model by HotPopRobot, a maker-family enterprise
And we learnt from Astronomer cum Musician Matt Russo that these planets are in harmonic resonance, ie. if their orbital period could be speeded up, they would produce good music. Check out Matt and his team’s amazing musical rendering of the orbits of these planets and the planetarium shows at…
How I Learnt that M-51 Galaxy is Interacting with NGC 5195 Galaxy using Computer ...

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