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Stephen Hawking – Was He Really All That?

20 Mar 2018, 20:39 UTC
Stephen Hawking – Was He Really All That?
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Ad Astra Stephen Hawking! You were certainly one of a kind.
Stephen Hawking Takes Zero-G Rides
I’ll admit, I don’t know everything about Stephen Hawking, who does? I’ve bought his books and I’ve even read some of what he wrote. No one can deny that when his body failed him, he was very resourceful, turned to what he had left: his mind.
Bravo, I say! I think that’s wonderful.
I admire anyone who overcomes great odds.
Of course, I think that maybe a lot of that had to do with him being a guy. Before his affliction he was an average student. He had a wife to help him and he left that wife for his nurse. He probably would have died much sooner if not for being manually moved continually, one doctor told me.
I’m so sad when someone like this is so revered yet so many others were forgotten. They overcame great odds as well.
Like the woman who was not allowed in the hotel she was presenting at – they had to take her through the kitchen to get her to her stage. Remember her name? I know her story. Her name is NOT ready at hand ...

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