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Remembering Professor Stephen Hawking

14 Mar 2018, 15:58 UTC
Remembering Professor Stephen Hawking
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No one undertakes research in physics with the intention of winning a prize. It is the joy of discovering something no one knew before. – Professor Stephen Hawking
Today, 14th March 2018, marks a very sad day in the world of physics and the world in general. One of the greatest mind’s of our time, Professor Stephen Hawking, has passed away.
The world of science and physics has lost one of its greatest champions. Professor Hawking inspired generations of people to start thinking beyond the planet they live on, to gaze further than we ever have, and ask those questions that need answers.
When people think of famous scientists, Professor Hawking is always one of the first people to be mentioned, alongside brilliant minds such as Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton.
I was never top of the class at school, but my classmates must have seen potential in me, because my nickname was ‘Einstein.’ – Professor Stephen Hawking
His story is one of triumph. After being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease at the age of 21, doctors did not expect him to live longer than two years. The diagnosis seemed to give him an even stronger zest for life ...

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