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An anatomy of street harassment

10 Mar 2018, 08:28 UTC
An anatomy of street harassment
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This is something that happened to me a couple of years ago, and it's absolutely text book. I'm writing about it as men sometimes ask how women tell the difference between someone who's interested in them, and someone who's harassing them. So I'm going to tell this story to elucidate some of the finer points. I'd be very surprised if every female reader didn't immediately recognise this experience.....It starts in the early evening on a university campus, where I've been attending a conference. I'm waiting at the bus stop, by myself, in order to go into the city for the conference dinner. I've got a book to help pass the time. But it's starting to get dark, and I'm a little unsure about how to get to my destination. A man walks into the bus shelter.WATCHPOINTDo I acknowledge his presence? Do I keep my head in my book and pretend he's not there?DECISIONAcknowledge. It's not that dark, he's most likely a university student, there's no reason not to be friendly.ACTION'Good evening!' he says. 'Hello!' I say, and return to my book. I've been polite to a fellow traveler, and the interaction could end here.But he keeps talking. Asks me if ...

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