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Closest supermarket: 4000 km away

8 Mar 2018, 12:51 UTC
Closest supermarket: 4000 km away
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Credit: ESA/IPEV/PNRA-C. Dangoisse
Food logistics are another critical element of the organization at Concordia. Inside the station, half the second floor is devoted to food storage. There is a dry foods room, plus a -20°C walk-in freezer and a +4°C walk-in fridge for storing dairy products, beverages and fresh fruits and vegetables.
Most of the food is actually kept in containers outside. As the temperatures rarely go above -30°C, this is an ideal and cost-efficient way to store food for extended periods. There are five containers full of frozen goods, as well as a backup container near the summer camp, and some stocks at the summer camp itself. We might run out of fuel, but we will definitely not run out of food!
This is good to know, considering that the nearest grocery store is thousands of kilometres away, does not do drone delivery, and will be unreachable for nine months.
What’s on the menu?
The chefs obviously spend hours in the kitchen during the summer campaign, cooking for up to 91 people when we are at full capacity in mid-December. There is some overlap between the outgoing summer chefs and the incoming winter-over chefs.
We have buffet-style meals with ...

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