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Space Age Archaeology

The space world to come, imagined in 1956

10 Feb 2018, 23:37 UTC
The space world to come, imagined in 1956
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This book has such a wonderful dust jacket. I can't remember where I found it any more but I suspect it was on one of my expeditions searching second-hand bookshops and op shops in Adelaide for ex-Woomera literature. Often, the libraries of those employed at the Long Range Weapons Research Establishment find their way onto the shelves. I like reading the old books to get an idea of how people thought the Space Age was going to unfold, and what they thought the space environment was like.Apart from its appealing design, the interior holds many delights. Of course, it was written before a satellite had been successfully launched into Earth orbit - which happened a year later in 1957 - and at this stage, the USA expected that its Vanguard satellite would be the first human object in space. Here is the authors' assessment of what it all meant:The Earth satellites developed under Project Vanguard are to be the first space vehicles. The prime purpose of these vehicles will be to derive basic data about the environment in which we live. Yet this is only the short view. The longer view may easily rank in significance with the first steam ...

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