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February 12-18, 2018 / Vol 37, No 7 / Hawai`i Island, USA

9 Feb 2018, 20:33 UTC
February 12-18, 2018 / Vol 37, No 7 / Hawai`i Island, USA
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China Ambitious 2018 Moon Focus with Chang’e-4, ILOA Galaxy Forum Hainan – International Human Moon Missions

China Spring Festival Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dog, commences February 16, 2018. This year, China hopes good fortune will aid its attempts at launching ~35 rockets, a return to flight of Long March 5, and the first-ever Lunar far side mission Chang’e-4 to explore geology of the South Pole / Aitken Basin. CE-4 orbiter in May-June, followed by lander and rover in October will both launch from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan. The Wenchang Hilton with direct views of Wenchang Launch Center on Hainan Island will be host to Galaxy Forum China 2018 on December 4-7. Sponsored by International Lunar Observatory Association and co-sponsored by International Astronautical Federation, Chinese Society of Astronautics and NAOC, the session themes are ‘International Human Moon Missions’ and ‘Astronomy from the Moon’, with a special luncheon ‘1st Woman on the Moon’. The principal objective of GFC 2018 is to help realize Humans on the Moon as soon as reasonably possible. Malapert Mountain at the Moon South Pole will also be a focus. Confirmed speakers include Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Ouyang Ziyuan, Vice Chairman of ...

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