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Carnival of Space #547

2 Feb 2018, 20:38 UTC
Carnival of Space #547
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The Carnival of space is a long-running collaboration of bloggers in the space exploration field helping each other showcase the wonderful events happening as we push ourselves and our technology to ever more thrilling adventures off-world! You can join us, just click the link to learn more. Read this week’s offerings here…
Studying Surface Features on Earth as Analogs to Surface Features on Mars Using Astronaut Photography
Amy Jagge | Cosmo Quest
Earth and Mars are commonly known for their differences. Earth is characterized by its habitable conditions and layered atmosphere while Mars is considered a dry, hostile planet with an almost non-existent, thin atmosphere. However, scientists investigating Mars (and other solar system bodies like the Moon) recognize the importance of researching their similarities as well as their differences to Earth.
CQ Science – Post 11: A Final Crater Mapping Mystery
Jagrier | Cosmo Quest
As promised, here is our second mystery concerning craters and incidence angle. This is an image of a region of the Moon south of Copernicus crater. Take a good look. Something isn’t quite right …
Can you see what is off? If yes, you’ve probably spent a lot of time looking at images here at ...

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