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5 Significant ISS Life Science Projects of 2017

1 Jan 2018, 05:05 UTC
5 Significant ISS Life Science Projects of 2017
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Wow. 2017 was a busy year on the ISS! 4 Dragons, 2 Cygnus (Cygni?) and 3 Progress spacecraft delivered ~140 new experiments to 12 bustling crew members living on the orbiting outpost during the year. In other words, of all the payloads ever delivered to the ISS, ~11% were delivered in just this year.
These are in no special order, just off the top of my head. My selection criteria was: projects I think improved ISS micro-g research capabilities, created new opportunities to the micro-g community or had high chance for meaningful results.
Which ISS payloads do you think were significant in 2017?

First Chinese Payload on The ISS
Experiment Name:
NanoRacks-BIT-1 (NanoRacks-Beijing Institute of Technology-1: DNA Mismatch during a PCR Reaction Exposed to the Space Environment)
Principal Investigator:
Yulin Deng, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), Beijing, China
NanoRacks, LLC, Webster, TX, United States
Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China
The science behind this project was like most experiments going to the ISS: basic, but has potential for important results. So why was it the first one I thought of?
Because one of the barriers to micro-g research is access. This project introduced a new route for ...

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