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Black Aluminum New Car Tech

22 Dec 2017, 00:38 UTC
Black Aluminum New Car Tech
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Over on Transterrestrial, there was a discussion about self driving cars eliminating traffic jams. The site doesn’t allow comments from my computer calling it through a proxy, so I’ll just throw out a few thoughts here.
The discussion focused mostly on cars accelerating from a red light and the amount of time saved when/if they all accelerated together as soon as the light turned green. Some felt that a lot of time would be saved, and some felt that the computer would have to wait for a safe braking distance just as with a human driver with the only savings being a few seconds here and there.
I saw no discussion of timing the lights that some of us do a bit of already. You see a red light in the middle distance and slow enough that it should turn green by the time you get there. So you might be driving 20 mph in a 30 mph zone by the time you reach the now green light. However, you are doing 20 mph through the light when the hurry up and stop drivers are still accelerating from zero. If done right, it is a faster and smoother trip using ...

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