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SpaceX Ready to Debut Upgraded SLC-40

8 Dec 2017, 18:59 UTC
SpaceX Ready to Debut Upgraded SLC-40
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SpaceX is planning on returning to SLC-40 for a launch of CRS-13 on December 12, 2017. In advance of the launch, SpaceX’s John Muratore, Director of Space Launch Complex 40, held a news conference to discuss the changes.

Visible damage to the transporter-erector at SLC-40 following the AMOS-6 anomaly in September 2016. Photo credit: Jared Haworth / We Report Space
SpaceX spent approximately $50 Million to upgrade the pad and to make it compatible with LC-39A. “39 is able to do the fastest turns we’ve done. We worked to make the pads common: 39A, 40, and to some extent VAFB. We can move people around. If we find a problem at one pad, we can fix that problem at all pads, ” according to Muratore.
“Today is the 7th anniversary of our first launch at SLC-40. The design of SLC-40 was completed before the first Falcon was ever flown. SpaceX was a much smaller company then. We’ve taken this opportunity, after 30 missions, to take advantages of all lessons learned and incorporate them in to the pad.”
The strongback is stiffer to handle higher winds. Previously, it would require 25 minutes to raise or lower the rocket. Now, a new ...

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