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Drew Ex Machina

Habitable Planet Reality Check: The Nearby Ross 128

16 Nov 2017, 13:54 UTC
Habitable Planet Reality Check: The Nearby Ross 128
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The year 2017 has certainly proven to be a fertile one for the discovery of potentially habitable exoplanets. Just a year ago there were maybe five exoplanets identified as having genuinely good prospects of being potentially habitable (see “Top Five Known Potentially Habitable Planets”) and only one of them, Proxima Centauri b discovered in 2016, was relatively nearby (see “Proxima Centauri b: The Search for More Exoplanets Continue”). Over the last several months, that list has expanded significantly as a result of a number of ongoing surveys taking place around the globe and in space. New additions to the list of nearby potentially exoplanets from 2017 include possibly three out of the seven exoplanets found orbiting TRAPPIST-1 along with individual exoplanets found orbiting GJ 273 and LHS-1140 (see “Habitable Planet Reality Check: The Seven Planets of TRAPPIST-1”, “Habitable Planet Reality Check: The Nearby GJ 273 or Luyten’s Star” and “Habitable Planet Reality Check: A Super-Earth Orbiting the Nearby LHS 1140”). While still far too distant to reach with today’s technology, these nearby exoplanets would be potential targets of exploration if interstellar travel proves to be practical in the future.
Now the European team of astronomers operating the HARPS (High Accuracy ...

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