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Carnival of Space #532

20 Oct 2017, 19:01 UTC
Carnival of Space #532
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Welcome one and all to the Carnival of Space #532! We live in exciting times, don’t we? Our discoveries are so widespread now and we can learn such incredible things, I think it’s the greatest time to be alive! We are right on the verge of traveling into the vast universe beyond our home in a significant way and even if you must stay here, you can learn about amazing things happening everywhere. The bloggers below share just a fraction of what’s happening. I encourage you to read what they are reporting!

CQ Science – Post 1: Impact Events
Jagrier | CosmoQuest
Several of the mapping tasks here at CQ include marking the size and position of impact craters. Why is this so important, and how does so much science come out of these measurements? We’ll answer these questions in a series of posts about impact craters, starting…

CQ Science – Post 2: Impact Energetics
Jagrier | CosmoQuest
It turns out that “rocks running into other rocks” is a pretty complicated process. The most important aspect of the process is how much energy is involved. The two factors in finding the energy of an impact are (1) how much mass ...

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