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Space Age Archaeology

A gallery of shadow astronauts Part 1

15 Oct 2017, 16:22 UTC
A gallery of shadow astronauts Part 1
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For the last few years, I have been playing with the idea of shadows as part of a site's fabric. It's not just about the hard materials. It's about the soft, the fleeting, the ephemeral, and the symbolic: about the interplay of darkness and light, presence and absence, loneliness and companionship.Apollo 11. Shadow: Neil Armstrong. NASAApollo 12. Shadow unknown. NASAApollo 12. Shadow: Pete Conrad. NASAApollo 14. Body + shadow: Alan Shepard. Shadow: Edgar Mitchell. NASAApollo 14. Astronaut shadow unknown. NASAApollo 15. Shadows: Dave Scott and Jim Irwin. NASAIn these images, I'm interested in the astronaut who is not in the picture, whose presence is revealed by their shadow. It's also about the insubstantial shadow in relation to the hard and solid objects. In the image immediately above, it looks like the shadow of Jim Irwin is attempting to capture the solid stick-insect shape of the tripod with a shadow net. There's a pattern of elongated legs. The bodies are distorted, and also cyborg: in the shadow, flesh and camera meld into one amorphous shape.The photos are silent, although we do have a beepy staticky soundtrack to them in our heads, implanted by the Apollo 11 television footage. Somehow the shadows ...

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