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ILS Proton M tasked with AsiaSat-9 launch

28 Sep 2017, 17:45 UTC
ILS Proton M tasked with AsiaSat-9 launch
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International Launch Services (ILS) will be upping the pace of its Proton-M launches with another mission following on closely from its Amazonas 5 success. The Russian workhorse – along with its Breeze-M upper stage partner – is tracking a launch of the AsiaSat-9 satellite from 200/39 site at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 18:52 UTC.

ILS Proton-M Launch:
This latest launch will carry the satellite on a nine hour launch profile, as is standard for ILS launches, with Geostationary satellites its main customer.
The AsiaSat 9 communications satellite is a SSL 1300 platform spacecraft, with a spacecraft mass of approximately 6,140 kg (13,536 lbs). It will be lofted by the Proton Breeze M that weighs in at 705,000 kg (1,554,000 lbs), including payload.
The Proton vehicle – which has a rich heritage of over 400 launches since 1965 – is conducting its third ILS mission since its latest stand down.
June’s successful launch with EchoStar XXI came after a one year wait when an underperformance was noted with the 2016 mission with the Intelsat-31 launch. It was followed up by the Amazonas 5 success.
The rocket is built by Khrunichev Research and State Production Center, one of the pillars ...

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