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Covering the Solar Eclipse with the Viper Demo Team

23 Aug 2017, 22:56 UTC
Covering the Solar Eclipse with the Viper Demo Team
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On August 21, 2017, We Report Space photographers Michael Seeley and I (along with photography assistants Jenn Seeley and Dawn Haworth) traveled to Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC to photograph the Total Solar Eclipse as guests of the 20th Fighter Wing and the F-16 Viper Demo Team. The team was able to place two F-16 Fighting Falcon jets on the ramp adjacent to Runway 04L for us to incorporate into our photos of the eclipse.
Eclipse Preparations
Sumter, and Shaw AFB sits on the northern edge of the path of totality, giving us 105 seconds of darkness starting at 2:45pm EDT. Our setup on the day of the eclipse began Monday morning with the Public Affairs team from the 20th Fighter Wing, but our preparation had started days before in identifying the path and height of the sun, and ideal placement of assets on the ground for the best possible photos.
Testing a solar filter film sheet in a homemade frame. Photo credit: Jared Haworth / We Report Space
Our plans, roughly, were to use a pair of cameras with long lenses (one telephoto, one telescope) to capture up-close details of the eclipse. We would support those with ...

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