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August 7-13, 2017 / Vol 36, No 32 / Hawai`i Island, USA

4 Aug 2017, 20:39 UTC
August 7-13, 2017 / Vol 36, No 32 / Hawai`i Island, USA
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Starship Congress Highlights Lunar Buildout Toward Interstellar Realities and Capabilities

Icarus Interstellar is hosting the 2017 Starship Congress August 7-9 in Monterey CA with theme Space is for Everybody. Cofounder and President of Icarus, Andreas Tziolas (clockwise from TL) and strategic director of Starship Congress, Mike Mongo will give opening remarks each morning. The first day will concentrate on breakthrough experiments, concepts and technologies including propellant-less space drives, combination launch systems, practical space docks, and space access. Day two has a variety of talks on Interstellar biology, SETI, exoplanets, long-term human spaceflight and civilizations. The entire 3rd day concentrates on Moonwards vision. Professor at Rutgers University, Haym Benaroya will discuss the Moon as site for Humanity’s expansion into the Solar System and beyond. CEO at OffWorld, Jim Keravala will speak about OffWorld’s Solar System Robotic Workforce. Charles Radley of Pyramid Consulting will present the Scientific Return of a Lunar Elevator. Others will focus on lunar economics, self sustainability on the Moon, persevering human history in Space and Icarus Interstellar Lunar Capabilities Development Program. Some of the 9 key projects of R&D are “Biofrost” to advancing nuclear propulsion and fusion, “Icarus” to design an interstellar spacecraft, “Astrolabe” study of civilization, “Voyager” ...

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