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Stages of a Total Eclipse

29 Jul 2017, 12:30 UTC
Stages of a Total Eclipse
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The August 21st total eclipse of the Sun lasts several hours. During this period, there and many interesting events and effects to be looking for. In the following excerpt from Totality – The Great America Eclipses of 2017 and 2024, this handy checklist will help you keep track of what and when to look for each of these must see events and effects. You might even want to print this page as a handy reference on eclipse day.

A series of nine images were combined into a time sequence of the total solar eclipse of 1999 August 11, from Lake Hazar, Turkey. The corona has been computer enhanced to show subtle details and prominences. Copyright 1999 by Fred Espenak.

First Contact – The Moon begins to cover the western limb of the Sun. Remember to use safe solar filters to watch the partial phases of the eclipse.

Crescent Sun – Over a period of about an hour, the Moon obscures more and more of the Sun, as if eating away at a cookie. The Sun appears as a narrower and narrower crescent.

Light and Color Changes – About 15 minutes before totality, when 80% of the Sun is covered, the ...

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