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Carnival of Space #518

14 Jul 2017, 20:14 UTC
Carnival of Space #518
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The Carnival of Space #518 is up next and you are in for a treat! Some pretty interesting things have been happening in the blogosphere and these authors bring it to you all here and now…
Forget Mars, How About a Colony on Saturn’s Moon Titan?
Mark Whittington | Blasting News
When most people talk about settling the high frontier of space, they think about either the moon, with its wealth of exploitable resources, or #Mars, which is the most Earth-like and could be made even more so through terraforming. However, an article in the New Scientist makes an outside the box case for #Saturn’s #Moon Titan. The key to settling Titan, as it turns out, is…
Scott Pace to be Named Executive Director of the National Space Council
Mark Whittington | Blasting News
Space Policy Online is reporting that the White House has announced the intention to appoint #Scott Pace as executive director of the #National Space Council. The space council was re-established recently by executive order by President Donald Trump. It will comprise a number of cabinet and agency heads, including the…
NASA Doesn’t Have Enough Money for the Journey to Mars
Mark Whittington | Blasting News

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