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BE SAFE!!! Don’t Misuse Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses

6 Jul 2017, 18:38 UTC
BE SAFE!!! Don’t Misuse Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses
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-- And Other Safe Ways to View a Solar Eclipse Viewing a solar eclipse improperly can put your eyesight in danger. With the upcoming eclipse on August 21, now is a good time to discuss various methods to see the eclipse safely. By now, everyone has probably heard about the special eclipse viewing glasses being made available. At the Anderson Jockey Lot, 1000 pairs of these glasses will be given away on the day of the eclipse (yes, at NO charge) as long as supplies last. Many organizations and companies are also offering such glasses for free as a public service. These glasses are only needed during the period of the eclipse when part of the Sun is not covered by the Moon’s disk. The only time you can safely look at the eclipse directly without the special glasses is during the scant few minutes that the disk of the Sun is fully hidden (at totality). Indeed, during that brief totality you are encouraged to look directly at the eclipse to get the full effect in all of its glory. The special glasses will be needed again as soon as totality is over, should you continue watching the Sun. However, ...

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