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Carnival of Space #511

26 May 2017, 19:45 UTC
Carnival of Space #511
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The Carnival of Space #511 features some fabulous bloggers writing about new rockets, planets and moons! To learn more, visit The Carnival of Space page and read on intrepid visitor! You’ll be glad you did.
New Moon Discovered by Hubble Orbiting Third Largest Dwarf Planet in Kuiper Belt
Paul Scott Anderson | Planetaria
Moons are exceedingly common in the Solar System – Jupiter alone has 67! But smaller planets do as well of course, except for Mercury and Venus, and even some dwarf planets and asteroids have moons. This includes dwarf planets such as Pluto, which has five moons despite being so small itself. Most of the larger dwarf planets are now known to possess moons, and now another one has been discovered, by the Hubble Space Telescope and two other telescopes, orbiting the…
The Expendables
Shubber | Space Cynics
New class of rockets invented: Expendable!
Rocket Lab’s Cost-Effective Electron Rocket with 3D Printed Parts was Finally Launched into Space
Donna Mapacpac | The Evolving Planet
A Silicon Valley-subsidized space launch company named Rocket Lab, has launched the first ever flight of its battery-powered, 3D-printed rocket that originates from the remote Mahia Peninsula of New Zealand.
Rocket Lab posted on ...

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