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Stargazing Experience Gifts for Christmas 2016

14 Oct 2016, 18:51 UTC
Stargazing Experience Gifts for Christmas 2016
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Enjoy an amazing journey out across the universe through a big telescope with one of our unique stargazing experience gifts. At Dark Sky Telescope Hire we are offering our 1-hour, 2-hour and 3-hour private stargazing experiences as gift vouchers for Christmas 2016.

Pleiades Star Cluster by Dave Eagle

Imagine exploring the night sky through a large telescope with a knowledgeable astronomer as your personal guide. This is what we provide on our private stargazing experience nights. We’ll come to your garden anywhere in the UK, or meet you at a nearby park or dark sky stargazing location, for an amazing adventure among the stars. Included in your stargazing experience is a laser-guided tour of the stars and constellations that we can see on the night, and views through a telescope of star systems, star clusters, nebulae and distant galaxies far beyond our own. If the moon and / or planets are visible at the time then we’ll visit them too with the telescope.
Stargazing Experience Gift Vouchers for Christmas 2016
Our stargazing experience gift vouchers are now valid for 24 months from month of issue. This gives the voucher recipient plenty of time to arrange a suitable date for ...

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