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Dark Sky Telescope Hire

Stargazing Experience Gift Boxes for Christmas and Birthdays

6 Nov 2016, 17:34 UTC
Stargazing Experience Gift Boxes for Christmas and Birthdays
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At Dark Sky Telescope Hire we’ve launched a new range of stargazing experience gift boxes for Christmas 2016. We’ve chosen 10 of the best places in the UK to stargaze and packaged 1-hour and 2-hour private stargazing experiences at these locations in beautifully crafted gift boxes. Each gift box contains a stargazing voucher for the location valid for 2-years, along with a map for the location and information on how to use the voucher.

Stargazing Experiences in the UK
Our stargazing experiences are run by astronomer Seb Jay. When the gift box recipient is ready to use the voucher Seb will arrange a date with them for their stargazing experience. We’ll choose a clear night and likely start with a laser-guided tour of the stars and constellations. We’ll then use one of our large telescopes to take the voucher recipient out on a tour across the universe. Along the way we’ll visit star systems around which alien worlds could orbit; star clusters many thousands of light years away, ghostly nebula, and the ancient starlight from other galaxies far beyond our own.
The stargazing experience is run just for the voucher recipient plus any family and friends they wish to invite ...

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