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Find Saturn in the March Morning Sky

19 Mar 2017, 18:11 UTC
Find Saturn in the March Morning Sky
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Saturn is visible from the UK in March 2017. You need to be up early to spot it. Best time to find Saturn is between 4am to daybreak in the March morning sky. Look for a bright star-like object low down towards your south-east. Saturn shines with a pale yellow light and is easy to spot with the naked eye as it is one of the brightest star-like objects down in this direction of sky before daybreak. To help with identification a half-moon is visible in the sky next to Saturn in the early hours of Monday 20 March.
Saturn Finder Chart for March 2017

Saturn in a Telescope this March
In March 2017 Saturn’s rings are wide open, making them easy to see in our hire telescopes. The 6-Inch Skywatcher dobsonian provides a modest view of Saturn with its ring system and three brightest moons, Titan, Dione and Rhea. Our larger telescopes – the 10 Inch Skywatcher and 12 Inch Orion Optics – are powerful enough to split the rings into a inner and outer zone. Cloud belts on Saturn resolve into view, as do more moons. In the 12 Inch Orion Optics expect to spot up to six ...

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