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SpaceX Dragon Reaches ISS with 35 Science Experiments

22 Feb 2017, 15:00 UTC
SpaceX Dragon Reaches ISS with 35 Science Experiments
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KENNEDY SPACE CENTER: As the Dragon Capsule reaches the ISS today, over 1600 pounds of science experiments will arrive at the CSS. “Since the SpaceX Capsule is able to return samples to Earth, the Dragon missions tend to attract a lot of Life Sciences experiments,” explained Tara Rutley, Associate Scientist on the ISS team.

Among the experiments on CRS-10
Falcon 9 lifts off from Kennedy Space Center on February 19, 2017. Photo credit: Jared Haworth / We Report Space
The Mayo Clinic is running an experiment to test rapid Stem Cell reproduction in microgravity. If successful, stem cells could be used to treat victims of stroke. Currently, it can take as many as 200 million stems cells to treat one stroke patient. Using methods on Earth, it would take weeks to generate that many stem cells. Studies in micro-gravity simulators show that stem cells reproduce rapidly in micro-gravity. The Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Abba Zubair explains: “We’ll gather real-time information about the cells as astronauts conduct experiments measuring molecular changes. We will be looking to see if there are genes activated in microgravity. We may discover proteins or compounds that are produced that we can synthesize on Earth to encourage stem ...

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