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Leasing the Moon

3 Feb 2017, 17:59 UTC
Leasing the Moon
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The near side of the Moonby Marcel F. WilliamsAt the bottom of the world lies an icy continent larger than Europe-- but with only 5000-- temporary-- residents. While the continent of Antarctica can be explored, this polar condominium cannot colonized or commercially exploited in order. It is argued that this is the only way to protect Antarctica's pristine environment. Of course, the same environmental philosophy could also be argued for Earth's other continents: North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and Eurasia. But some have advocated that the Moon should also be under the same environmental protection as Antarctica. This, of course, would prevent the colonization of the Moon and the commercial exploitation of lunar resources.On the Earth's surface, only about 3% of the land area is urbanized with cities, towns, and suburban areas. But the human utilization of the Earth's surface grows to 43% if we include the amount of land used for agriculture. I happen to be a strong advocate for preserving the Earth's environment and the environment and natural beauty of the other major worlds in our solar system. Trying to convert Mars into an Earth-like world would be an abomination, in my opinion. But I don't believe ...

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