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Chronicles from Concordia

Leaving Concordia

26 Jan 2017, 14:07 UTC
Leaving Concordia
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Pick up at Prud'homme. Credits: ESA/IPEV/PNRA–D. Schmitt
Didier Schmitt is a member of the space Task Force at the European External Action Service. He is a regular opinion writer in major newspapers and magazines and has published a book on foresight. He will be contributing to this blog during his visit to Concordia – we join him as he leaves the station to return to the coast:
The Twin Otter plane we took from Concordia flies-in to Antarctica every year from Canada for the four-month summer season. The pilots are among the most experienced crew on the whole continent. As you can guess the view was fantastic. The pilots decided skip the intermediate refuelling because of favourable tailwind.
Four hours later we landed above Prud’homme station with an amazing view on the icebergs sticking out of the sea-ice, which extends as far as one can see. Another great view came right after when picked up by a helicopter to reach Dumont d’Urville station.
I am being hosted by the head of the district who volunteered to share his room. I am in a suspended flip-over bed, but what a sight on the Astrolabe glacier!
Antarctic ice sheet height measured by ...

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