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Chronicles from Concordia

Arriving at Concordia

17 Jan 2017, 13:55 UTC
Arriving at Concordia
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Concordia on the horizon is like approaching another planet! Credits: IPEV/PNRA/ESA–D. Schmitt
Didier Schmitt is a member of the space Task Force at the European External Action Service. He is a regular opinion writer in major newspapers and magazines and has published a book on foresight. He will be contributing to this blog during his visit to Concordia – we joing him as he arrives at Concordia after an 11-day supply trek in a tractor-caravan:
We arrive on top of Dome C and my GPS indicates 3271 m altitude. A few minutes after we passed the 75th parallel our scout vehicle informs us by radio that they see the two towers. A few minutes later I can distinguish the can-shaped structures; they appear grey on a white horizon.

Last night camp; still more sun than in Brussels! Credits: IPEV/PNRA/ESA–D. Schmitt
We are 17 km from the target and that still means a 90-minute drive. As we come closer it reminds me of Star Wars, when the spaceship lands on the desert world of Tatooine where Anakin Skywalker lives. The inhabitants of Concordia are eager to meet us. Some come to us with skidoos and others are taking pictures ...

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