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Chronicles from Concordia

350 nights in Hotel Concordia

24 Nov 2016, 14:05 UTC
350 nights in Hotel Concordia
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Last sunset at Concordia. Credits: ESA/IPEV/PNRA–F. van den Berg
Twin towers of Concordia. Credits: ESA/IPEV/PNRA-E. Kaimakamis
350 nights – one bed (well, actually two since I switched rooms) and recently I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since the French/Italian bed size is not suitable to my Dutch 1.90 cm height.
350 nights –one view, and just a single sunset left to see. It feels like the polar night just ended, yet we are already entering the season of around the clock sun. Halfway through the winter I moved from room 2 to room 12 to avoid a noisy neighbour. So it is now my responsibility to get my old room ready for the summer crew.
Cleaning is a daily duty, but as I clean my old room, I am reminded that in only a few days the first plane will arrive. After so many nights with just the 12 person overwinter crew, it is hard to imagine that in less than three weeks we will have 65 people back in Concordia. 53 more faces, all in the space that we have made into our home. Our prison.

Now it is Hotel Concordia. As I finish making ...

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