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Launch of GOES-R to Improve Weather Forecasting

22 Nov 2016, 12:55 UTC
Launch of GOES-R to Improve Weather Forecasting
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CAPE CANAVERAL FLORIDA: The GOES-R satellite launched at 6:42 PM Eastern Time on Saturday November 19, 2016 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Over 40 meteorologists from around the country were on hand to witness the launch of a satellite that will dramatically improve weather forecasting.

A remote camera 210 yards from the rocket captures the launch. Photo: Mary Ellen Jelen
GOES-R is replacing the GOES satellite that launched in 2005. GOES-R offers 3 times more channels, 4 times more resolution, and 5 times faster scans. Harris representatives explained the analogy like this: imagine that GOES is providing a 1960’s-era black and white TV signal. GOES-R will be like upgrading to a High-Def TV. GOES-R will scan the entire hemisphere in five minutes while being able to focus on localized weather such as Hurricanes, severe weather, fire and smoke monitoring, volcanic ash, and any other severe weather.
GOES-R lifts off, as seen from the roof of the VAB. Photo: Mary Ellen Jelen
“With the current technology, we can see the eye of a hurricane. With GOES-R, we will be able to see inside the storm and visualize the entire eye wall. Improved ground systems will be able to begin processing ...

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