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Interview: Erik Laan, Eye on Orbit

17 Nov 2016, 15:57 UTC
Interview: Erik Laan, Eye on Orbit
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What is the role of new space startups? How can they help to shape the sector? And what challenges must they overcome?Spaceoneers spoke to Erik Laan, Founder of Eye On Orbit, who with his one-man company offers consultancy to the space sector. As a keen follower of space activities he uses his expertise to challenge some existing ideas that can in turn help innovate the sector.Spaceoneers: Describe a little about your work and what you do.Erik Laan: Eye On Orbit is my one-man company. I do three things. The first is that I maintain the Space Missions Manifest database on the future of what I think is going to happen in space. I have my software look for all the upcoming space missions where I provide customers the ability to interact with the database to get the insight that they are looking for.The Space Missions Manifest is also a portal to my second activity, which is the freelancer part of my job. I give technical consultancy to the space industry in the Netherlands but also worldwide, specifically on earth observation and instrumentation. Like many insiders, what I see happening in the space industry is a drive to smaller satellites; so, ...

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