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More Moons For Uranus?

17 Oct 2016, 21:04 UTC
More Moons For Uranus?
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Voyager 2 view of Uranus with rings and moons noted (Credit: NASA/University of Arizona/Erich Karkoschka)
The distant ice giant Uranus may not have been visited by a spacecraft since Voyager 2’s “Grand Tour” flyby in 1986 but the data gathered then is still being used today to make new discoveries. Most recently, researchers think they have found evidence of two previously unknown moons around Uranus, potentially bringing the planet’s count up to 29.

The blue-green crescent of a sunlit Uranus, seen by a departing Voyager on January 25, 1986 (NASA)
Saturn isn’t the only planet to have a ring system; Uranus also has a system of thin orbiting rings separated into 13 sections. Looking back into the data acquired by Voyager 2, researchers at the University of Idaho spotted faint periodic perturbations that resemble what would be created by the gravity from nearby moons.
But just because there are no moons located in Voyager images at the calculated locations doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Voyager’s cameras had resolution limitations, and it’s quite possible that the two proposed moons are just too small and too dark to have shown up in the pictures.
“Based on the observed structures in the rings, ...

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