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OSIRIS-REx Mission

What’s in a Name? New Mission, Age-old Questions

8 Sep 2016, 21:36 UTC
What’s in a Name? New Mission, Age-old Questions
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Spelled out in full, the name of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft hints at the many goals scientists envision for this mission: to map asteroid Bennu using 3-D laser imaging, retrieve samples from its surface and return those samples to Earth.
“The mission name is an awesome acronym that describes our primary science objectives,” said Dante Lauretta, OSIRIS-REx principal investigator.
Let’s take a closer look:

Origins – Return an asteroid sample for laboratory analysis. “This really is what drives our program. We’re going to asteroid Bennu because it’s a time capsule from the earliest stages of solar system formation, back when our planetary system was spread across as dust grains in a swirling cloud around our growing protostar.”
Spectral Interpretation – Provide direct observations for telescopic data of the entire asteroid population.
Resource Identification – Map the chemistry and mineralogy of a primitive, carbon-rich asteroid.
Security – Measure the Yarkovsky effect, in which the asteroid absorbs the energy in sunlight, then emits that energy in the form of heat. “That causes a small thrust on the asteroid, changing its trajectory over time,” Lauretta explained Tuesday. A better understanding of this phenomenon could not only help scientists know more about Bennu, but could ...

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