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Walking on Red Dust

Tomorrow, the open air

27 Aug 2016, 20:09 UTC
Tomorrow, the open air
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Tomorrow, we will come out of the dome.
We will come out without a spacesuit. Our skins will be exposed to the sun, and no faceplate will separate us from the breathtaking landscapes around us. A buffet will be waiting for us, full of juicy fruits and other fresh delicacies. But the most disturbing will lie elsewhere: we will see people who are none of the six of us. People we cannot recognize, with closed eyes, from the sound of their steps. People with whom I will need more than a slight head nod, or a small handsign, to communicate.
Dozens of those strangers. As many cameras and microphones. Twice as many eyes fixed on us, six oddities pale as the dome under the Hawaïn sun. And all, eager to communicate, to ask questions. Interviews in three different languages; a strange cacophony after a year of the same familiar sounds, of the same familiar voices.
It is somewhat amusing that our exit is immediately followed by a press conference around a buffet, under the sun. Many of the feelings we have been deprived of for a year will be thrown at us a soon as the doors open.
Please do ...

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